EFT Processors and Networks


Project Services for EFT Processors and Networks

The electronic payment processing industry has been an area of rapid growth and innovation. The impact on project timelines, time to market pressures and increasing project loads have been a constant for the industry players. STJ has been there along the way, providing resources to back-fill projects requiring specialized skills needed for new design development and the support of these initiatives.

Here are just a few ways where we have helped companies keep ahead of the project back-log:

  • Interchange and switch interface development for 3 of Top 5 EFT processors in the U.S.
  • Project management services for Top 10 regional networks
  • Merger and Acquisition analysis and research for a Top 10 processor
  • Mandate development and project services for migrations and conversions

Our experience shows:

STJ-CA wins business because of our ability to understand customer requirements and match the right candidate with the identified skills, knowledge and operational real-world experience to meet your requirements.









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