Merchant Acquirers and Processors


Project Services for Merchant Acquirers and Processors

We have a long history providing project support services for Acquirers and Card Processors. We have been the sole source provider for new entrants in the acquiring space, assisting them with vendor, application and platform selection all the way to production Go Live.

Many of our engagements involve providing thought leadership, design assistance and strategic planning. Over the years our work has increasingly been focused with helping these companies develop more advanced functionality in-house allowing them to offer additional products and services to their customer base.

Here are just a few examples of how we have provided services to these entities:

System Upgrades, Conversion and Migration Support

  • Provided project management services for a major system upgrade
  • Provided thought leadership and architectural support for a large global card association
  • Developed a command and control center design for a large processing environment
  • Provided project staffing resources to assist in the development of billing, statement and reporting systems

Our experience shows:

STJ-CA wins business because of our ability to understand customer requirements and match the right candidate with the identified skills, knowledge and operational real-world experience to meet your requirements.









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