Merchant Retail and Specialty Markets


Project Services for Merchant Retail and Specialty Markets

STJ has helped Major Retail Chains, Fleet Card Issuers, Gift and Loyalty, Billing System providers, to name a few. STJ has deployed project managers, engineers, facility managers, business analysts, and mentors working alongside some of the bigger names in the industry. Our references and track record are well known within the industry.

Here are just a few ways we have helped Merchant Retailers and others in the past:

  • Migration and conversion services for some of the Top 25 merchant retailers in the U.S.
  • Testing and QA services for EMV card conversion in Canada and Latin America
  • Project services provided to the fuel and loyalty card markets
  • Web services, security, terminal and interchange development

Our experience shows:

STJ-CA wins business because of our ability to understand customer requirements and match the right candidate with the identified skills, knowledge and operational real-world experience to meet your requirements.









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